Blame it on RIO??!!

All of the hopes for Chicago hosting the 2016 Olympics came to a crashing halt yesterday then the Windy City was eliminated in the FIRST round of IOC voting.  The question is why?

Many were hopeful, as a decision like this would have spurted an economic boom for the entire midwest. Being in Wisconsin, but close to the border, I truly believe that the Kenosha housing market would have seen a huge boost.

For starters, the United States has hosted many Olympic games in the past. Lake Placid, NY was the site of the 1980 winter games. Los Angeles was the site of the 1984 Summer games. Most recently Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 winter games. Canada and Mexico have also hosted games.

South America on the other hand as a continent has never hosted an Olympic event. The economy of Brazil is growing and is perhaps the newest emerging market that investors are paying attention to. This will be the case NOW more than ever.

But why the first round???    After all, we elected the candidate for president that the world asked us to... and even Oprah graced Europe with her presence.  We were sold this bill of goods that we needed a president that the rest of the world would like.  The truth is, the rest of the world is still jealous of America. Jealous of our economic power and both jealous and fearful of our military power, even though we have used that military might throughout modern history to save many a people and nation from aggression and oppression.  Of all the military superpowers in the history of the world, only the United States of America has consistently exercised restraint from using that power to conquer other nations. And yet... were are still ONLY loved when we are needed for our money or our might.

We need to stop believing this lie that we need a leader more respectable to the world at large and remember, the world at large does not have the best interests of the USA in mind. The world at large generally feels better about itself when America appears weak, therefore they will always meddle in our affairs in favor of a weaker leader over a stronger one. Whether it be something as large as supporting us in our quest for world security by standing united against Iran, or as small as showcasing one of our greatest cities, the world will most often disappoint the United States of America. And to think... they don't even have to blame this one on George W. Bush RIO!

Ralph D. Nudi


Success Realtors


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Blame it on RIO??!!
All of the hopes for Chicago hosting the 2016 Olympics came to a crashing halt yesterday then the Windy City was eliminated in the FIRST round of IOC voting. The question is why? Many were hopeful, as a decision like this would have spurted… more
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